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Jerry Orbach to His Wife Elaine

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Jerry Orbach to His Wife Elaine 杰里·奥尔巴赫写给妻子伊莱恩

365棋牌体验卡The Law and Order star used to leave love poems for his wife every morning next to her coffee. Their 25-year marriage ischronicledin the book Remember How I Love You: Love Letters from an Extraordinary Marriage. Jerry wrote this letter to Elaine on one Valentine’s Day:

出演《法律与秩序》的演员杰里·奥尔巴赫每天早上都会在他妻子的咖啡旁放上一封365亚洲体育在线投注_365体育彩票 无法_365体育投注记录制作。他们长达25年的婚姻全部都被记录在《记得我有多爱你:不一般的婚姻爱365亚洲体育在线投注_365体育彩票 无法_365体育投注记录制作信》一书中。杰里在情人节给他的妻子写道:

“Valentine’s Day is here again. The weather looks cold andclammy…But I can happily go to work and try not to act toohammy. Cause I’ve got a warmness in my heart from my sunshine, my lifeline, my lambie! (I wish I could stay home and vie you a kiss!) xxx’s Jer”